Advice from a Technician


We truly care about our customers and we want them to be well infromed. The purpose of this page is to infrom our customers or the general public of some valuable information.

Beware of "cheap" prices from competitors


I'm not telling you guys what company to use but it is that time to have your A/Cs checked out before the summer hits. When you're calling around, make sure you ask if they pay their service guys commission. If they do, shy away from them. Especially if you don't know anything about motors, blowers, capacitors or contactors because I can almost guarantee they will try to sell you one of those when you don't really need one. Just remember, if it sounds too good (cheap) to be true, it usually is. HVAC Companies will try to get in your door for a $40 "tune-up" but they are trying to leave with $400 after selling you unnecessary parts or equipment. Do your homework. Be a smart consumer.


Here at Alternative Air Heating & Cooling in Maricopa, our technicians are not paid on commission so you will not have to worry. We pride ourselves in being honest and trustworthy.




You probably hear this a lot but Preventative HVAC Maintenance is better than a repair so get your heaters checked out before you need them and realize they don't work! If you have a gas furnace make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors in your house as a safety precaution. Mount them about 18 inches above floor level since carbon monoxide is heavier than air. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. CHANGE YOUR FILTERS! Fall/Winter is also a good time to look into Attic Exhaust Fans to keep your attic cooler and/or adding extra insulation to your house to help out with those high summer electric bills

Save Money, Energy and Time

Who doesn't like to save money? Alternative Air Heating & Cooling always recommend a check-up before winter, and before summer. We suggest our Energy Service agreement which improves comfort levels, lowers utility bills, gives you peace of mind knowing that your equipment will last longer. Also with this you receive 20% off every other service if you do happen to need a repair as well as a free pound of refrigerant. It is really a deal worth every penny.