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Alternative Air Heating & Cooling was founded in 2006 by Avnel Hogan. After working for a few companies in Tucson and Phoenix, he realized that he didn’t like the way some of these companies were running their business and the direction they were heading. So he decided to try and do something to help out the people of his community in Maricopa, AZ and start his own business where he would be in charge of the people that would work for him, the workmanship of his employees, and the overall attitude of the company. He saw a growing community and decided he would start a business that could grow as the community grew as well.

Graduating from The Refrigeration School, Inc. in 2000, Avnel began his career in Tucson working for Hamstra Heating & Cooling, a company that mirrored his good work ethics, honesty and integrity. He then migrated to Maricopa in 2004 and worked for a couple of companies in the East Valley. Not agreeing with employees being paid on commission thinking that this form of payment would make ANY employee not have the customer’s best interest at heart, Avnel finally decided to start saving up some money to invest into his own customer-service-oriented business.


Alternative Air is a family owned and operated local company as Avnel's son, Gage, works with him. "Our goal here at Alternative Air Heating & Cooling is to be the premier HVAC company for Maricopa, AZ and its surrounding areas. We plan on doing this by continuing to provide our customers with the best customer service they have ever come across while dealing with an HVAC company, outstanding excellence in our knowledge and professionalism, and high quality HVAC equipment. We look forward to doing business with all of you and thank those of you who have helped us make this company possible." --Avnel Hogan (Owner)


Servicing Maricopa, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa and sorrounding areas.